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1and1 Internet has everything you need in one place, enjoy shopping online with a company you can trust. 1and1.co.uk brings you a fantastic range of the latest products online. The web site itself is fast and easy to use. And, because 1and1 Internet is brought to you by 1and1.co.uk, the UK's premiere online retailer and one of the best for customer service and value, you can be sure that your web purchases will offer great value for money, combined with complete security.

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1and1 Internet is the world's largest website hosting provider and one of the largest domain name sellers anywhere. 1 and 1 are trusted by over 3 million customers. 1and1

1and1 combine the latest technology with friendly service, 1and1 created a value unmatched in the industry. Windows hosting? Linux hosting? Dedicated server? We have it all. Every new hosting account receives a valuable software bundle for just the cost of shipping and handling. This is full-version software, which does not expire (see 1and1 website for current software list).

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