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Why gamble with Betfair betting exchange?

Betfair betting exchange has everything you need in one place, enjoy gambling online with a company you can trust. brings you a fantastic range of the latest betting online. The web site itself is fast and easy to use. And, because Betfair betting exchange is brought to you by, the UK's premiere online betting company and one of the best for customer service and value, you can be sure that your internet gambling will offer great value for money, combined with complete security.

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Betfair betting exchange gives you the best odds as you are betting against other people and not against a traditional bookmaker. Betfair odds are around 20% better - if you don't believe Betfair , then check out Betfairs prices...
Betfair bet exchange is safe & secure. As the world's largest online betting company with a turnover exceeding ?50m per week, your money is safe with Betfair . Moreover, Betfair ringfence all client deposits in a separate company and refer all disputes to the Independent Betting Arbitration Service (IBAS) in the UK.

At Betfair offer odds to others: If you can't pick a winning horse/team, then pick a loser. Offer odds to others against an outcome.

Betfair offer the widest range of in-running markets. On many events, Betfair match more after kick-off / the race starts and with live price/time reporting you have more information on which to back your judgement.

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